Friday, July 18, 2014

Old Sex is the Best Teacher

A young, redhead girl is Oldje's special student on his outdoor English class. He must teach her how to speak this language but English is not what the teeny girl is interested on. She is in the mood for fun and teasing with the old teacher. There are some words she likes: licking and sucking, this is what makes her horny. The old guy has what she needs to practice the theory: an old cock! But there is no place for sex and nudity at the older man's class, but who can resist to a young, gorgeous body like hers? This teeny beauty flashes her cute boobs right in front of Oldje and he poor old pervert forgets what he must teach her and gives up temptation. Her sweet french kisses and sensual moves excites grandpa and he surrenders to her young charm, licking those fresh nipples. He is enjoying the taste of tiny, fresh pussy, kissing and licking it until she is completely wet and full of desire to devour his old dick. Her delicate skin, curved shapes and sexy ass look so appetizing next to the old teacher, while she is sucking his old cock in a lustful, deepthroat blowjob and he is massaging her pussy with that aged tongue. Nothing pleases the teen student's hole more than an old nine stiffed deep in that warm hole. On and off, she feels his aged manhood growing which makes her moan of pleasure. What a pure delight for the old master to fuck that tight pussy. The young redhead was been a good student so the old teacher rewards her with all his cum. The class for old and young is over for now, waiting for the next one!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Scoring at Young Pussy

It has been a lonely summer for Anita's young restless pussy. Her teen and firm body is just in the mood for some crazy fuck today. Therefore, when she sees this horny old man, Eric, her nipples can no longer stay put. Oldje is so surprised seeing her masturbating in the heat of the summer but in a second his old cock is licked and swallowed by her greedy mouth. You can read the urge and desire on her face. The man with the gray hair is between the legs of the teenage girl and his old tongue eagerly spreads wetness all over her cunt and turns her on. She likes how grateful the old guy is and how much he desires her wet pussy. As they explore new positions and desires, her pussy gets wetter, his cock gets harder and gives her the good loving she needs and her moans of joy can be heard by all. Her whole body trembles as she is eaten out by our horny Oldje. Who would have thought that old man can be such a turn on? She lets him have her pussy all he wants. Oldje goes to heaven as he has an orgasm. His cum is swallowed till the last drop! Old and delicious juice!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hard Working Old Cock

Sweet tanned young babe at only 22 years old gets naughty in a sex adventure at the countryside with an 63 years old man! Oldje was trying to do his job when this hot teen comes around and whisks him of his feet with her beauty and lascivious moves! She is horny, excited and wants to abuse his old cock to satisfy her hungry holes, so with sensual moves she rubs, licks and sucks his manhood to wake him up, make it stronger, turn it into a drilling machine that will fill her horny holes! Dick addicted, this young girl handles his old dick like a master making this old bone moan of pleasure and feel like in heaven. She likes being on top, to control the penetration and the moves so for a better feeling experience she gently touches her greedy pussy while banging on top of this lucky oldje. Outdoor, hardcore passionate fuck and lustful oral sex is the best thing to enjoy for an old man and a young girl in a sunny day! This oldje's fantasies have finally come true holding, banging and devouring such a gorgeous young nympho!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Nymph in the Woods

In a sunny summer day nothing suits Oldje better than camping, but it seems like he chose the wrong place...”Private property” claims the young girl, but the old fart doesn't seem to if he won't leave maybe she can take some advantage of him... and his old dick! She teases him with a playful striptease, grandpa tries not to look impressed but when that piece of young fresh body comes into his hands... the old man just can't get enough of it. Like a sweet dessert he kisses her youthful nipples and just loves to feel the shape of her delicate boobs in his aged fingers. old man he might be but with a petite and naughty lady around, nature provides the perfect place for old and young to let loose their sexual desires. His old cock gets hard as a rock under her sensual kisses and warm blowjob, tasting like candy she is licking it up and down it's length and loves to feel it growing in her mouth. That huge old dick seems too big for such a young hole, but she can't stay away from it and starts caressing his old balls too. For receiving that royal treatment for his aged dick, the older guy rewards the minnie girl with a nice tongue licking for her fresh pussy. His mustache feels like a kinky massage for her soft skin. Old wrinkled guy and the beautiful rosebud look amazing in a lustful 69 as the fervor reaches climax. His old prick is sucked properly and ready to fill her wet pussy. Nothing compares to a young girl's moans of true pleasure while she is fucked in a deep doggy style. Being an older guy camping by yourself in the woods might not be that never know what the nature might hide. Old and young are experiencing passionate, natural and wild sex!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Old Cock Fantasy

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