Sunday, August 24, 2014

Translate Sex for an Old Man

Deutsch and English can make one orgasmic mix as Oldje is about to find out. "Schneller schneller das ist gut", this will be the way old and young will understand each other. Flirting is exciting at any age as the old man will soon see, when this sexy, young girl comes home. She is completely fascinated about the fact that the old guy has no idea of what she is saying so why not take advantage of that? The older guy is surprised to be seduced by a teeny babe like her. Saying "no" is not an option for a horny girl with a pussy that eagers for the pleasure that an old dick can offer. Once old and teeny babe start kissing with passion, clothes go down as the old dick gets bigger and harder. Her young pussy receives a fine lick before she herself performs a wild, deepthroat blowjob that drives the older guy crazy. She sucks that old prick as is it the most delicious dessert. On the bar and all over the place, grandpa fucks that fresh, kinky pussy. This mixed sex cocktail ends up with the perfect shot for young and old: cum on that sweet mouth. Gro├če Sex-Mix!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Forest of Young Pussy

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Young Provocative Picnic

A hot day, a little spare time, a quiet shady corner in the garden is all that our Oldje needs. This old man can at last enjoy in privacy his novel, with no one bothering! Suddenly, through the grass threads is shaping a blonde young nymph, a gorgeous sensual body, incredibly delicate skin. The old man is distracted by her beauty and her playful attitude. In the summer breeze, her blonde long hair is caressing her shoulders and her perfect boobs. This is a distraction for the old man and he just doesn't want his peace being disturbed in this immoral way! Obviously upset he tries to chase the wonderful creature away, but she becomes back, more and more greedy and excited to play with his old cock. In between his taunting words, the young girl sneaks tender kisses on his wrinkled lips, just to make him quiet. The old man stays strong for a while but the girl's desire to conquer him is greater than his power to refuse. So, Oldje let himself seduced into the hot perverse young and old game! She lusty spoils his thick old dick, passing from the sensual handjob to the deepthroth blowjob, from the hard fucking to the hard old cock and flaccid old balls licking. In 69 position the old man is kissing her little dicky birdy, licking and almost eating her pinky clitoris. His big dick fucks her standing up, from front and behind, making her moaning of pleasure. He cums on her lips and on her face, while she sensuous tastes his old love juice.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Young Trip For Senior Hippie

Smoking outdoors is the best thing a hippie oldje can do. Good vibes comfort the spirit and awakes senses. This Oldje surely knows what he is doing. In reward, nature provides a rewarding trip for him, sacrificing a young nymph at his feet. She is stunning, has playful attitude, appetizing boobs and gorgeous young body, make old man so hard to resist! Love and peace spread over them and lustful, passionate kisses make them slip into a wild fantasy trip. Beautiful teeny craves for his love and she wants to moisturize his old flaccid cock. She then feels like tasting juice so she takes hard dick in her mouth and it seems like she never wanna stop sucking dick. In position 69 her young body looks so great next to his old skin but that doesn't matter to her, old man tickles and spreads wetness all over her pink pussy and she gets so horny. She jumps on poor old man fucking him so hard, rubbing that old cock up and down and screams of pleasure, she just loves riding her lover's dick. Eagerly she awaits orgasm and her cunt is properly fucked in doggy style and missionary. She keeps rolling her eyes as if the whole earth shakes underneath her spread legs. Oldje stiffs his old stick into her wet teeny pussy until cum came right in her warm mouth. Teasing and provocative old and young story!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Old Instructor For Young Sex

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